Life Coach - How Hard Can It Be To Fix an Addiction?

Some Bad Ideas About Addiction

Joe has been managing his addiction for nine years. Alex has been a life coach for 10 minutes. Terry’s a semi-interested bystander. Haha! We got together with some brain scientists and made this sitcom about addiction.

What Is Joe Even Addicted To?

Does he not say? Well when we asked the brain experts, “what’s a good addiction,” they made a lot of suggestions that reminded us of our weekend. Like, uh...

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So, Who Do I Blame?

There's not any one “who” to blame for addiction. But there might be a “what.”

Toxic Stress

Toxic stress is something that happens to young kids who suffer a lot of abuse or neglect or who live in communities with violence or turmoil. If no supportive adults are around to help them manage the stress of these events, it becomes toxic to the structure of the developing brain.

“Toxic stress is like growing up in awful environments and having really, really bad experiences. That doesn’t build character, it’s just a cause of how addiction can develop. Especially when you’re younger.”

What's All This About Brains?

“There’s a difference between doing something too much and having something take over your life and literally change your brain.”


“Everything is sooo easy to conquer with willpower. You know what, try a little self control. Naw, go back to willpower.”

Alex knows exactly how to fix an addict.


For many people with an addiction, the reward and stress systems were discombobulated in childhood by toxic stress. The damage won’t repair itself without help.

Recovery is a complex process, but it can happen with the help of medical experts, counsellors, support groups, understanding coworkers, families and friends. Friends willing to rent a van, kidnap you in the street, and take you to an undisclosed location for interrogation. Which is a terrible, terrible intervention, by the way, but kind of a cool way to blow an afternoon.

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